Note Info PT #11520

Karen, A couple of our previous installers is no longer with us. I had one of our installers (who is quite good actually) on your roof with your lights yesterday videoing your gutter, facia and roof. We have a new clip which is tighter and stays with the bulb without coming loose.  We tried to attach that clip every way we could think of to the gutter, facia and roof.  It attached but it was so loose any wind at all would have knocked it off.  So then we tried the old clip which we have used for years. That did not work either.  The only thing I can think of is to staple all the lights to your facia.  Do you know how our previous installer put the lights up?  I am so sorry to even ask this, but I need a little help.  If you do not know how it was put up before, then is it ok to staple it?  Thank you for your help.  Randy