Note Info PT #10761

I’ve paid for the early bird special in July via Venmo and was told that my lights would be hung in October. It is now close to Thanksgiving and they are still not up. My neighbors that paid after me already have had theirs up for a month. This year was more expensive since you went with new lights. I’ve used this company for three years and have always had wonderful service. I’ve recommended this company to many neighbors that now use you. I paid the early bird to get my lights hung in October and they still are not up. I would like to know a date or refunded a percentage of my total if the lights are going to be delayed being hung longer. I would not normally pay that much to have lights hung for only the month of December. 

This is my third attempt to contact this company via email. I’ve also called but had no answer. Please do the right thing and respond in a timely manner. 

Thank you, 

Monica Fleming