Note Info PT #15560

Hi Emily, Thanks for your inquiry. Your invoice has already been paid. Yes you can store your own lights. However, there are some things to consider which you can read on our website under the FAQ’s page. If you go there you will find the following information: 

If you store your own lights, we will not be responsible for any repairs that may be required when we install them the following season. Our warranty for your lights is perpetual as long as we are installing, removing and storing them.  IF YOU DO NOT WANT US TO STORE YOUR LIGHTS, please advise us via our website contact form PRIOR to January 1st.  After we remove your lights, we will leave them at your house. We will not be responsible should someone steal or damage them. Again, if you install with us the following year, you will be responsible for any costs associated with repairing or replacing the lights.  Our warranty ends when we remove them and leave them at your house. If we install, remove and store your lights, we will be responsible to warranty them.  Should anyone other than Bright Lights install, remove or store your lights, our warranty will not apply.

Thank you for your business and Happy New Year!